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Waterfall hunts


Have some photos of the beautiful landscapes of the United States


One night in Himalaya  |  Ivan Kozorezov


Painted in the Sky
by Dave Morrow


Iceland - The Blue Pool by Kilian Schönberger
Hot spring in Iceland


In AP Environmental we were given an organism to look up to decide if it was a specialist or a generalist and I got the Orchid-Mantis and it is by far the most beautiful insect I have ever seen. It basically looks like an orchid and it thrives in orchids. Plus the shade of pink is gorgeous! Even though I HATE INSECTS I would definitely not mind seeing this one everyday! (Also it is a Specialist because it only lives in like tropical areas.)


Fresh out of the water, newborn sea lion pups roll in sand to protect themselves from the blazing sun in San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands.


Callaway Gardens is located in Pine Mountain, Georgia, on 6,500 acres. It was founded in 1952 to promote and protect native azalea species. Today, Callaway Gardens features a wide variety of recreational attractions including a large enclosed butterfly habitat and butterfly center, and a wide variety of cultivars and native plants.

Hi! I'm Ashley. I like to call myself a waterfall hunter, and this blog is dedicated to all the pictures I take on my adventures. I also climb the occasional mountain in the summer, so there will be a few of those.
Disclaimer: I'm not a photographer. Mostly this exists so that I have a place to put all the pictures.

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